Wien / Vienna

2006 – 2012

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, freelance)

Interdisciplinary research projects, cross-border cooperation (Hungary)

Capital of Austria, headquarters of international organisations
about 1,7 million inhabitants
Tourism, science, culture, traffic junction
high quality of life
University of Vienna (more than 90.000 students)
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
(nearly 12.000 studients)
(statistics of the universities)

Research and working interests
  • Tourism and regional development in the Lake Neusiedl / Fertő region 
  • Redesigning the Biosphere Reserve Neusiedler See
  • Landschape development on the Austrian and the Hungarian side of the Lake Neusiedl / Fertő
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services as scientific foundation for the sustainable implementation of the redesigned biosphere reserve Neusiedler See (transboundary)
  • Towards Integrated Ecological Spatial Planning for the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve - analysis and mapping of spatial conflict potentials between the management of wild animals and recreational use as well as strategies and management options for conflict management
  • Quantitative und qualitative methods

Photos: Vienna: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna: Graben, Eisenstadt: Esterházy Palace, Fertőrákos, Kammersteinerhütte (Wienerwald), Oberer Stinkersee near to Illmitz (Lake Neusiedl)

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