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ECER 2014 "The Past, the Present and Future of Educational Research in Europe", 
1.9. to 5.9.2014 in Porto (P)

Regional Networks in Education for Innovation in Austria

(Franz Rauch and Karen Ziener)

Abstrakt: In this paper, the development of thematic regional networks (RN) in education in Austria in the context of the IMST (Innovations make Schools top) Programme commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education will be presented. IMST can be described as cooperative structure between schools, school administration, universities/teacher training colleges and businesses coordinated by the Institute of Instructional and School Development at the Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt. In this programme RN in all nine Austrian provinces are supported since 2003. The following three goals are pursued: Raising the attractiveness and quality of lessons and school development; Professional development for teachers; Involvement of as many schools as possible (widespread effect). This longitudinal study focused on understanding the way these networks developed. Data collection took place between 2006 and 2013 among actors on all network levels (teachers, school leaders, province superintendents, representatives of the steering committee and Ministery of Education). Collected data comprised of (self) reports, evaluations, interviews, log books, and on line questionnaires. The analysis of the data focused on comparing network cases to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the developmental processes in these networks. Results reveal specific elements which can support a sustainable development of this type of regional networks.

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